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Our Story

Having worked with quite a few products and service-based companies like Fab, Hem, BigBinary, Idyllic, we have an immense experience handling end to end systems. We started with a group of friends to build a service-based company having a high standard of technical skills.

Kapil Bhosale | DTree Labs

Kapil Bhosale

CoFounder, Full-Stack Developer

Kapil is a Ruby developer for the past 6 years. Works mostly on Web app development with Ruby on Rails. His areas of interest include image processing, distributed and parallel computing. He loves sports, trekking, travel, and food.

Akshay Mohite

CoFounder, Full-Stack Developer

Akshay is a full stack developer and likes to build an end to end applications. Hacks around Ruby on Rails ReactJS most of the time. Likes blogging and contributing to open-source projects. Whenever he is free and maintains a Ruby blog.

Deepak Jadhav

Full-Stack Developer

Deepak is a computer professor turned full stack developer. Having immense experience in teaching and building things now, Deepak knows how to to build things that matter. Primarily works on ReactJS and Ruby on Rails.

Ranjeet Jagtap | DTree Labs

Ranjeet Jagtap

Full-Stack Developer

Ranjeet is pretty good with Ruby language. He is good with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra frameworks. Ranjeet loves to travel whenever he gets free time. He has a great deal of interest in Indian politics, feel free to talk with him on this matter.

What can We do for you?

Do you have experience with Ruby on Rails Development?

We mostly work in Ruby & Ruby on Rails. We have worked on many ruby projects to date. We Also use React JS as a primary front end technology.

Do you work on ReactJs?

Yes, we work on ReactJs as well. We used ReactJs in quite a few projects. We are also familiar with Redux and React Hooks.

Do you handle deployments as well?

Yes, we generally do deployment / DevOps for every project we work on. We generally have staging servers for primary testing of our applications. In short yes, we can handle deployments.

What else you can help us?

Being a technology company, we can deal with multiple languages and frameworks. We are also familiar with Java, Data Engineering, Big Data, Scalability issues etc. We can help you with most of the technological issues.

We are an email away to help you 🙂