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We post our findings regularly on our blog site. Whenever we solve some difficult problem, we like to share it with the world through our blog posts. Mostly, we write on Ruby, Ruby on Rails and ReactJS technologies. It feels great when the community gets help from our blog articles which encourages us to blog even more.

Rails 6 introduces insert_all / upsert_all methods

Having methods that can perform database operations in bulk is always a plus considering the amount of efficiency they add to such operations. Rails already had methods like update_all and delete_all to bulk update and bulk delete records respectively. But, Ruby on Rails developers always felt a need for similar…
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Rails before? after? methods to compare date / time

Before Rails 6.0, the date/time are compared by using the equality operators like less than (<) or greater than (>), etc. Sometimes, date/time comparison using these operators takes some time to understand as these conventions are not human-readable at least for dates. Now, Rails 6.0 active support introduced with two…
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Rails 6 adds reselect on ActiveRecord Relation

Sometimes, we need to remove selected columns and select new columns for the query being done. Rails 6 introduces reselect on ActiveRecord#Relation on query methods. This lets us easily select new columns. Consider, Post schema as given below. Now let’s say, we need to show post ID, title and description…
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Format custom SQL queries in Rails

While Rails comes with ActiveRecords that saves us from writing some scary (at least to me :)) SQL logic but still there are times when we need to write raw SQL queries. We have well defined coding conventions as far as ruby is concerned. But we usually pay little attention…
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Set up a Twilio account with phone numbers

Twilio is a cloud-based platform as a service that provides voice, SMS, video and WhatsApp communication services. The best part is, it can be easily integrated with ruby using twilio-ruby gem. The scope of this post is limited to setting up a Twilio account with phone numbers. Basic steps in…
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Rails 6 deprecates controller level force_ssl option

Previously, we were able to force_ssl to specific controller actions by using force_ssl callback at controller level. Rails 6 deprecates this option setting at controller level. This option to force_ssl is now available only at Rails application configuration level only. Before Rails 6 Let’s say, we have a resource configured…
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