Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
development firm.

We also work on Mobile applications and we can help you tackle scalability issues.

Our Expertise

Ruby on Rails
React JS/ Native

We excel in these technologies, but not limited to!

What do we do?

We are a web & mobile applications development company. We craft elegant front ends & equally efficient backend applications.


We can help you develop web and mobile applications. We are specialized in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React Js, Mobile applications with React Native. We have around 6+ years of development experience in Rails and React Js.


We can deploy applications on Amazon AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud.
We have developed many applications to date. Applications with small traffic, with very high traffic. We have expertise with Ec2, RDS, S3, VPS, Load Balancing, etc


We have the expertise to deal with High traffic applications. We can efficiently track down the web requests and solve the scalability issues. We use various tools such as New Relic, Graphana, Prometheus to monitor the request response and improve the overall performance of your application.


We have had a pleasure of working with these wonderful clients along the way. We have worked on HealthCare, Insurance, Social Media domains to make our impact on society while working with these clients.

Instachk Logo

Hyper Local Advertising Platform

Instachk is a technology that can create campaigns that are targeted and personalized but yet offering independently auditable ROI metrics with the consent of the data owners. We helped Instachk build backend tools with Ruby on Rails on Google Cloud platform along with Mobile Applications on Android / iOS.


Healthcare Domain Company

Avegen builds digitally enabled solutions that transform out-of-hospital specialist care. We worked with Avegen for more than one and a half years to build healthcare product with Ruby on Rails / ReactJS technologies.


We work on open source projects to give it back to the community.


We have been working on a new open source project Specterr that helps to monitor errors and exceptions in Ruby on Rails applications. People spend a lot on error tracking tools such Rollbar, AirBrake, HoneyBadger to name a few. These come with pricing on number of errors reported. For small teams / business, this is quite costly to have such tool. Thus, we thought of building an open source tool to report errors and exceptions from your Ruby on Rails application.


Having spent a lot on time tracking tools, we decided to come up with our very own tool that help track time across multiple projects for Small Teams. This helps create projects, clients to track times spent for them working in software industry. You can invite as many users as you want. This comes with inbuilt invoicing for Time tracked against projects /clients. Invoices can be generated weekly, monthly or any custom duration you want.

Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.